1 Million Turtles Community Conservation Program

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Podcast 1- Dr Yik Hei Sung

Hei is at the front line of wildlife conservation and we talk about the wildlife trade and the wet markets in Southern China. See more about Hei's research here 

Podcast 2- Mr Tim Faulkner

 Wrestling a saltwater crocodile, wrangling a deadly Taipan and milking a Funnel-web spider is all in a days work for Tim Faulkner and that still leaves time in this passionate conservationists day to release a blue-tongued lizard, tag a wild platypus and save the Tasmania Devil from extinction, topped off with coordinating his responsibilities as General Manager and Head of Conservation at the Australia Reptile Park in Somersby NSW and The Devil Ark at Barrington Tops NSW. Tim Faulkner is the Australian Geographic Australian Conservationist of the Year 2015.  We talk turtle conservation and Tim's recent trip to Western Australia. See more about Time here.